Do you truly understand the question? Because you’ve had the answer all along.


I remember the test taking experiences of childhood, where sometimes I’d walk into the test confident, knowing that I knew the information regardless of whether the test was multiple choice or not.  Other times, I’d know some things, but not necessarily enough to promote complete confidence in whether I’d do well. Especially if I didn’t prepare.  If the test was multiple choice, then YES!  I could possibly use the process of elimination to guess the best answer.  If it was fill in the blank or write a paragraph form?  Cross my fingers and pray that in my rambling, somewhere was the right answer.  But what if we were given the answers, all we had to have done was paid attention to  and truly understood the material?

Think about it this way.  What if you didn’t study the topic, you didn’t understand the topic at all, and you were given the answer key.  All the answers, right in front of you, and you didn’t have to do anything.  All you had to do was know the questions associated with the answers.  Could you do it?

Guess what…we are the topic in life.  We are the question!


I’m starting to think that life is kind of like Jeopardy!, where the answers are presented to us consistently, and it’s our job to figure out the question. I think that we are constantly bombarded with feel good little sayings, like “believe in yourself”, “love is a journey”, and “love your neighbor as yourself” without truly understanding the implications of what we’re hearing.  How can we understand that the answers are right in front of us if we haven’t even truly understood the question?  How can we even know what we’re seeing?

Answers are in front of us everyday.  What we need to understand is the question, which is ourselves.  Truly understanding and loving ourselves is understanding the question.


Can’t think of a catchy title so…life, I guess…

I recently watched Contact, a movie starring Jodie Foster, where she attempts to discover whether there is life in the universe other than on Earth.  If you’ve never watched it, run and go see it.  Seriously, the spiritual implications are astounding.

Anyway, as I was pondering the movie, I was thinking about us as a human species and how seriously backwards we are.  All the time Typically, we live for ourselves.  Okay, maybe more often than typically.  Sure, we volunteer, give to the Salvation Army during the holidays, and maybe sometimes we even let someone merge in front of us on the highway.  Or let someone who has 2 items in the grocery store line skip in front of us.  And we feel proud of ourselves for doing it, as we should.  But, what if EVERYONE lived for everyone else, all the time?  Like, what if we didn’t think about ourselves or careers and jobs, our own money, what others thought of us, our own families and personal circles, but literally lived as though we always came last?  How different would our world look?

But if we do that, what if the next person doesn’t do it?  Should that be a deterrent to living that way anyway?

We’re all in this together, we just have to realize it first.  We can literally reshape the way the world is with our actions and with a perspective shift.

Fear is powerful.  I guess that’s the hardest part of the journey.